Sunday, June 23, 2013


So I crawled out of the cave in which I'd been hiding the past few years and put a few months in cleaning up my manuscript. Then I sent it to my agent. She got back to me before my next birthday and suggested an editor. The editor is a wonderful gal, who has had the manuscript for a while now. The edits are due back soon. I contacted her recently and she let me know that she enjoyed being immersed in my world. I figure that's editorial code for "You will be rewriting and editing this mess until your grandchildren have children."

I'm on the glacial track to success. Try not to be jealous.


John Schoffstall said...

Glad to hear you're making forward progress again!

M. G. Tarquini said...

I am. Am very happy about that also. Am writing everyday. Now, in other news, am likewise so pleased to see you are still about. Do you ever get out to our part of the country?

LisaH said...

I don't comment much on blogs, but I've always loved your humor, way back to Miss Snark days, and I think you should know that. I'm glad to see you back here again, although I have to admit I clicked in today because I saw your comment on Chris Eldin's death on Janet Reid's blog and remembered how much joy your writing gave me.

Sad I should feel like encouraging someone when someone else lost hope. I wish I'd encouraged Chris more, because I loved her writing so much, but I didn't tell her that.

Anyway, you're so terribly funny and wonderful and talented. Keep it up.

Does that sound silly? I feel silly. And sad. And I'm not sure why. But I'd really like to read your book when it comes out, even if it's several generations from now.

M. G. Tarquini said...

It's not silly at all, and you've no idea how much your words mean to me. My life went a little haywire, too...a lot haywire. I'm so sad Chris didn't find a better way out of her darkness.

I'll be blogging more. I was telling my editor the stories that inspired my novel and she told me I should be blogging them. Sooo...maybe I will.

I'm so glad you like my writing. I plan to do a lot of it. I've plenty of stories I want to tell. Thank you for coming here to tell me. Come back often.

LisaH said...

Will do. Looking forward to more brilliance from you.